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POLICY FOR PARENTS                            


Hunnypot Corner understands and respects the major role that parents have in the care and education of their children. We endeavour to have a good solid relationship with parents that promote trust and understanding of each others abilities. Working together in partnership allows the child to bond, trust and grow into a confident child when relationships around them work well.


We will include parents in the next steps and individual planning of their child as much as possible. We will encourage parents to offer their own observations of the child’s development and document these in the child’s own file or through the Baby Days app.


Our staff alongside parents will promote positive role models and hope this positive approach will influence and aid each child in all their learning experiences. 


We will hold parent meetings officially three times per year, but our door is always open if you have any concerns between these times.This is a time when staff and management are available for parents to speak to regarding any aspect of their child’s care and progress or any other concerns they feel they want to discuss. Should parents require a more in depth meeting we ask that you make an appointment at a time to suit you and the manager or key Person and they will be happy to meet and discuss any concerns you may have regarding any aspect of care your child is receiving at nursery. During the meeting the child’s assessment and observation record will be made available and you will be able to get a clearer idea of how your child is progressing. Children’s records and observations are available to parents at any time and not just when they want to speak to a member of staff.


As the children grow and develop and are eager to learn more parents are also eager to know what activities their child has been doing and what they have learnt whilst at nursery. Parents can then assist staff and their child in the learning process. To help achieve this we endeavour to involve parents in planning, special days, activities and parents evenings and ask parents to relay information about the child to their key person. 


 We want all children to know that they are important members of our nursery community. This will enable them to feel a sense belonging, improve their well being and gain confidence and feel secure.


 We appreciate the help and involvement of all parents in different events we will provide each year and if any parent or carer would like to plan an activity or read to the children we would always welcome this.


At Hunnypot Corner we celebrate a variety of festivals and support a variety of charities each year and may have parties and special days. If you would like to be involved in any of these days or have a gift or talent you would like to share please speak to the nursery manager.


 We encourage parents to bring their children along to the various events but we do stress that they (the nominated parent or carer) must stay with the child if the event is not on the child’s normal day of attendance at nursery. 


 We focus on various charities each year, often ones that are close to our hearts. If you have a charity that you would like us to raise money for please let us know.


At Hunnypot Corner we have a number of policies and procedures that we abide by taking into account current legislation and regulations set by Ofsted and the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).  At times you may not understand the reasoning behind what we do and feel it does not suit your child if this is the case please do not hesitate to come and speak to us if you require any clarification about a policy/procedure. At Hunnypot Corner we expect you to abide by all of our policies as do our staff and outside agencies visiting the nursery.



                                                                                     THANK YOU

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